June 2, 2020

The Village will broadcast tonight's Council meeting on You Tube Live at 6:00 p.m.

The agenda for this meeting is located here.

Should you wish to view the meeting, please go to “You Tube” and search:

Westport of Westport Council Meeting - June 2, 2020

The meeting will be...

June 1, 2020

All commercial landlords in Ontario can now apply for rental assistance to help their small business tenants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please follow the link below to see if you are now eligible to apply.

News Release

Ontario commercial landlords can apply for...

June 1, 2020

News Release

New Initiatives Help Keep Rates Stable and Affordable, while Offering Greater Choice

June 1, 2020 1:00 P.M.


TORONTO — The Ontario government announced that it will continue to support provincial electricity consumers by providing stabilit...

June 1, 2020

Most of the Province’s existing Emergency Orders will remain in place until at least June 30, 2020.  This includes the maximum number of people who can congregate remains at 5, unless they reside in the same household.  The number of COVID-19 cases is not going down en...

June 1, 2020


SMITHS FALLS, ONTARIO, May 27, 2020 – Starting June 1, 2020 the Rideau Canal National Historic Site will offer limited visitor access and basic services along the entire system, with...

June 1, 2020

On Wednesday, May 27 at a Special Council meeting, Council approved Greer Galloway, our Engineering consultant, to proceed with issuing the RFP for the reconstruction of Bedford St.  The proposed schedule begins the work from Concession St to George St after July 1 and...

May 28, 2020

The Ontario government is extending all emergency orders in force under s.7.0.2 (4) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Current emergency orders include the closure of outdoor playgrounds, play structures and...

May 26, 2020

The Village will broadcast a Special Council meeting on You Tube Live tomorrow, May 27, 2020, at 1:00 p.m.

The agenda for this meeting is located here.

Should you wish to view the meeting, please go to “You Tube” and search:

Westport Special Council Meeting May 27, 2020


May 25, 2020

The provincial government is taking a slow, measured approach to recovering the province’s economy.  Every decision that benefits the economy is weighed against the public health challenge of keeping a lid on COVID-19.  While opening retail stores to a limited extent,...