Property Taxes

Interim tax bills are calculated at 50% of the previous year’s taxes, and are due February 28th. The final tax bills reflect the current year tax rates and are due on July 31st.   If you have any questions regarding your tax notice, please contact the municipal office at 613-273-2191.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial effects on the community, although the final tax payment is due July 31, 2020, this final tax amount may be paid in three (3) monthly installments, specifically, July, August and September; however no later than September 30, 2020.

During this installment period up to and including September 30, 2020, late penalty and interest on property taxes owing will be waived.

2020 Tax Rates
  • Residential:  Total 0.01447897  Village: 0.00925248, County: 0.00369649, Education: 0.00153000

  • Commercial: Total 0.02993450 Village: 0.01245754, County: 0.00497696, Education: 0.01250000


2020 Property Taxation Information – Taxpayer Impact/Budget Breakdown

How to Pay Your Property Tax Bill: 

In Person – we accept Cash, Cheque or Debit at our Municipal Office

By Mail – cheques may be mailed to the municipal office, and must arrive by the due date, to avoid late penalty interest

Online or Telephone Banking – search for (Village of) Westport Taxes in the payee list. Your account number is the first 15 (19) digits of your tax roll number, found in the top left corner of your property tax notice. This option is available for all banks except RBC.

INTERAC E--transfer - auto deposit to the treasurer at

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan – 2 options available:

  • Due Date Plan – authorizes the Village to automatically withdraw the total amount due on the tax notice’s due date; namely February 28 and July 28, of each year.

  • Monthly Budget Plan – save time and money, with this option, no cheques to write, no envelopes, no stamps to buy. Calculated on a 12 month basis and this year’s current taxes, establishes an installment plan to budget for next year’s taxes in set predetermined payments.



Late payments are charged interest penalty at the rate of 1.25% on the first day of default and the first day of every month thereafter until paid in full.

Tax Certificates and Zoning Certificates

Available from the Municipal Office at 30 Bedford Street, Westport for a fee of $40.00 and cheques should be made payable to “Village of Westport”

Address Change Form

Property Assessment Information

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation has been legislated to administer all information contained on the returned assessment roll. Including: owner’s name/s, mailing address, legal description, property code, tax classes and property assessment values.

For information regarding your property tax class and/or assessment value click the link below and access MPAC’s About My Property module. You will require a copy of your latest assessment notice on which you will find your user ID and password located in the bottom right corner of your notice.

All properties in the Province of Ontario are currently assessed at a January 1, 2012 assessment base value. These values have been determined through various means, the most common of which is real estate sale stats from non-distress sales – a sale between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

In the event you do not agree with the information, assessment value, or tax class contained on your assessment notice and you wish to renegotiate the assessment value indicated on your notice please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation directly.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation contact via:

1.877.889.6722 TTY




PO BOX 9808
Toronto, ON
M1S 5T9.

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