Are you a local or a visitor that is interested in learning more about Westport’s early history?

If you’ve been enjoying our Vintage Westport blog posts, or want to see a collection of Westport’s early photos, you may want to purchase a copy of the Museum’s newly released book of Westport, which contains over 200 local historic photos of our village, citizens, and more. These books are available at the Museum and Town Hall for $20.00 (no tax), or, if you live too far away to make the trip to Westport, the book can be ordered directly from the distributor (shipping charges apply) by clicking on the book cover.

Welcome to the Museum

The new book of Westport can be purchased at The Museum and Town Hall.

Our Museum:  Located at 29 Bedford Street, the museum is open from June through the first weekend in October.

The Rideau District Museum was established in 1961 by a group of concerned citizens to collect, preserve and display to the public the artifacts reflecting the history and people of our region’s past.  It is housed in an authentic blacksmith and carriage shop constructed in the 1850’s.  The forges, bellows, and handmade iron tools remain in their original setting, right down to the plank flooring under your feet.

The Rideau District Museum is located at 29 Bedford Street in the Municipality of the Village of Westport.

The museum has many unique and interesting artifacts, including an original wooden dump cart used in the construction of the Rideau Canal between 1826-32. Other items of note include the doors of the hearse that carried the body of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, through the streets of Kingston, Ontario.

“Sally Grant”, Statue of Justice 1844, is our most treasured artifact and is an imposing eleven feet tall.  She was carved in 1844 from a single white cedar tree.  Sally graced the roof of the County Court House in Brockville until 1956 when she had to be removed due to deterioration.

Sally Grant ~ Statue of Justice

Our museum claimed her in 1961.  In 1978-9, the Canadian Conservation Institute did extensive reconstruction work on her.  Now she stands proudly once again, commanding the attention of all who visit the Rideau District Museum.

The life and works of the people dating from the First Nations are reflected in the ingenious tools, gadgets, toys, clothing, documents, letters, and means of travel.  Local businesses, industry, culture and entertainment are also well represented.

Photo of museum
Sally Grant, Statue of Justice 1844

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