Part Thirty ~ St. Edward’s School

June 18, 2017

Work began on The Convent School way back in 1885, and the building was completed in 1886.  For one hundred and thirty years the Sisters and teachers at St. Ed’s have shared their knowledge through Catholic education with the youth of our village.


The corner stone from the original St. Edward’s school sits in The Rideau District Museum.  It reads, “Convent School Erected 1885; Rt. Rev. J.V. Cleary. S.T.D., Bp of Kingston; Rev. M. J. Stanton, Pastor”.



 The Day It All Began ~ this photo, courtesy of The Review-Mirror, shows the first day of classes at the newly-opened “Convent school”



 An early class photo of the pupils at St. Edward’s School, shown here in 1899. At this time, the school would have been a youthful thirteen years old!



 Anis Bird (shown in the above photo) was born in 1877 and was one of the first students at the Convent School. Her father, William, walked to Kingston with John Whelan to petition Bishop Cleary for the building of the school in the 1880s.

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