I spoke to Pat Grundy about the impact of COVID-19 on the food bank this week and there have been some adjustments to ensure the safety of the volunteers and recipients. Thank you Pat, Tootie, Norman, Cait and all of the volunteers.

Many people have been laid off in the past couple of weeks, which is putting pressure on the food bank. If you would like to donate, please consider making a monetary donation through an e-transfer. Everyone is trying to avoid handling cash if possible, although I am sure that money would still be gratefully received. You can e-transfer to “[email protected]”. This is food bank Treasurer Norman Lapointe’s the email.

Pat also said that they have enough volunteer drivers for now, but if the pandemic is prolonged, they will need some help. You can volunteer for this and other ways of helping during the pandemic by emailing “[email protected]”.

Call if you need anything – 273-9195

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