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It’s hard to believe that the ‘house of books” now located at 3 Spring Street was originally housed in an abandoned butcher shop, lacking electricity and indoor plumbing.

With a nucleus of interested and dedicated people along with strong community involvement the butcher shop was transformed into a small library stocked with one set of encyclopedia donated by the Lions Club, discards from the Toronto and Kingston libraries, as well as private donations. A Public Library Board was established, and the doors opened on February 18, 1947.

Growth was so rapid that by 1950 The Board was seeking a new home. A back section of the post office lot was acquired by The Town Council, and a new library was soon a reality.

In 1971 the library joined The County Library System. In 1975 the Dewey Decimal System of cataloguing was introduced, and in 1977 a telephone was installed.

In 1982 the library had once again outgrown its home. It was decided to construct a new building at the same location. It opened in 1987. The former building is now located at the local airfield.

In 1991 a Friends of the Library was formed to assist in volunteer staffing and fundraising. A used bookshop was also generated.

The library now functions as a venue for community programs, and in 1997 came on-line agreeing to become a community access terminal.

After 60 years of careful planning and hard work, tireless volunteers have made the Westport Public Library what it is today.

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